cattle head pick of picsWanna Card 
without the bullthat tells a story.....Text Box:                              
                                     Wanna card that’s fun and true blue,
                                      To state those words wanted by you?
                                      But you’re stuck on a start and scratch’n your head,
                         And still at a loss for those words beg’n to be said?

                 Have a yarn with me buddy and together we’ll sort it all out,
                Along with your info we’ll create incriminatin’ ones no doubt!
                 The card has no typical bend or greeting that’ll send ya to sleep,
                  Instead it’ll put a smile on ya dial & be somethin’  to keep!
                 If you really wanna card and you’re feeling mighty game,
                      Give us a buzz or send an email— Sam’s the name!

               No matter what you’re after - birthday, get well or wedding,
            Just give us fair warning and plenty of time in the post’n!

Text Box:         Wanna ‘tribute’ or Wanna ‘post’ card